Cannondale Road BikesCannondale began in 1971 as a company that makes bags and backpacks for camping. Nevertheless, Cannondale quickly moved into the production of bikes and instantly made an impression. Nowadays Cannondale is among the top producers of top quality bikes in the world. Cannondale’s array of bikes covers mountain bikes, track bikes, triathlon bikes, road bikes and a wide range of 29er bikes. Even though Yohimbine HCL Cannondale have different kind of bikes, so far Cannondale road bikes are their top selling products. They’re very dependable, tough and their wide selection can satisfy any rider.

Cannondale road bikes are classified to four lines; Elite Road, Performance Road, Triathlon and Time Trial, and Cyclocross.

Cannondale Elite Road are elite racing bikes. The Cannondale Supersix is an example of these. They are pure thoroughbred racing road bikes. The Elite line of road bikes is created to reach optimum efficiency.

Cannondale Performance Road – Similar to the finest grand touring cars, the Performance line of road bikes fuses savage efficiency with polished luxury.

Triathlon and Time Trial – The bikes on this line is nnovative,hasĀ  stable handling geometry, has wind-cheating designs and smooth road Aero SAVE characteristics. The Slice and Slice RS bikes are made to optimize your advantages.

Cyclocross – Merely a way for pro riders to maintain their edge from the long, dark off-season, Cyclocross has developed into full fledged movement. From devoted ‘cross racers who devote their whole year planning for muddy battle, fanatics enticed to the camaraderie and energy of the sport, or simply individuals who acknowledge the flexibility and fun these bikes provide, Cannondale features a cyclocross bike properly suited to your needs.

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